Tuesday, November 24, 2009

(1)Intolerable Truths, Tony Dove and Chris Jordon.
In keeping with their title both artists revealed an new layer, no matter how uncomfortable, of reality. The movements of the viewer affect the nature of Tony Dove's instillation. As they physically move towards the instillation, the image changes.
Chris Jordon's photos comment on the unseen price of our consumption. The high cost the environment pays for our lifestyle shows an intolerable truth.
Together these artist would make a powerful exhibit on human nature.

(2) Self Confrontations, Jessica Bruan and Graham Harwood.
Jessica's images leave the viewer empowered to make their own story. Graham gives the viewer background information and a small glimpse of the subject matter.
These artists together make you wonder about society and give great insight into culture today.

(3)Paschal Domblis and Jeff Shaw.
These artists both use technology to enhance their viewer's experiences. Paschal created algorithms and used search engines to create lines with the input of color. Jeff Shaw gives the viewer the power to manipulate the screen and the position it holds on the wall. Using technology to enhance their viewer's experience, these artists would complement each other in an exhibit.

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